Benefits of using a glove knitting machine

Update:30 Mar 2018

Weaving with a glove machine makes the operation more c […]

Weaving with a glove machine makes the operation more convenient. For example, a liquid crystal display is used on the machine to better understand the operation of the device under various conditions. The interface switching is very convenient. With the manual centralized lubrication system, as long as the oil pump is pulled, the oil will be automatically injected to reach the desired position, which is very convenient for maintenance and allows the glove machine to be used with higher productivity.

Gloves produced using a glove knitting machine will be relatively smooth at the fingertips and will be very comfortable to wear. And the lubrication system of the equipment is fully automatic and more convenient to operate. The needle bed is also very sturdy. The triangles and nose triangles used are made of the highest quality steel, and the computer is used to control the quenching process so that the metal has better wear resistance and hardness.

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