High speed needle punching machine

Update:12 Jan 2019

The high-speed needle-punching unit is to comb the fluf […]

The high-speed needle-punching unit is to comb the fluffy and non-strength fiber, reclaimed cotton, carding, acupuncture, reinforcement, and increase the strength into needle-punched cotton, thermal insulation felt, greenhouse material, shoe material, mattress, sofa cushion, and automobile. Pads, chemical products and other products of different specifications. A puncture with a triangular or other shape and with a hook on the edge repeatedly punctures the web. The web that is disconnected by the cross-web or the air-laid machine is very fluffy when fed into the needle-punching machine. It only has a certain strength due to the cohesion between the fibers and the fibers, but the strength is very poor, when there are many thorns. When the needle is inserted into the fiber web, the hooks on the needle will drive the fibers on the surface of the web and the subsurface, and move from the plane direction of the web to the vertical direction of the web, causing the fibers to shift up and down, resulting in up and down shifting. The fibers are pressed against the web to compress the fibers in the web.

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