The needle punching machines

Update:05 Jan 2019

The needle punching machines produced by non-woven equi […]

The needle punching machines produced by non-woven equipment are divided into: medium speed needle punching machines and high speed needle punching machines. The working principle is that when the lancet reaches a certain depth, the lancet starts to rise. Due to the slanting of the spur hook, the displaced fiber is released from the spur hook and remains in the web in an almost vertical state, like many fiber bundles "pins". The fiber is nailed into the web, so that the compression produced by the web cannot be recovered. If dozens or hundreds of repeated punctures are made on the web per square centimeter, a considerable amount of fiber bundles are pierced into the web. The friction between the fiber and the fiber is increased, the strength of the fiber is increased, the density is increased, and the fiber web forms a nonwoven having a certain strength, density, elasticity and the like.
Process characteristics:
a. Suitable for all kinds of fibers, after mechanical entanglement does not affect the original characteristics of the fiber;
b. Flexible entanglement between fibers, with good dimensional stability and elasticity;
c. used in papermaking felts to greatly improve the life;
d. good permeability and filtration performance;
e. Terry products are full of feel;
f. No pollution, the edge material can be recycled;
g. Various geometric patterns or three-dimensional molded products can be manufactured according to requirements;
The main applications of needle-punched nonwoven materials are carpets, decorative felts, sports mats, mattresses, furniture mats, shoes and hats, shoulder pads, synthetic leather base fabrics, coated base fabrics, ironing mats, wound dressings, Artificial blood vessels, heat pipe sleeves, filter materials, geotextiles, paper felts, linoleum base fabrics, sound insulation materials, and automotive decorative materials.

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