Intarsia process of computerized flat knitting machine

Update:22 Dec 2018

The intarsia knitting machine has added intarsia weavin […]

The intarsia knitting machine has added intarsia weaving. The triangular adjustment and the working state of the tongue are completely different from those of the ordinary flat knitting machine.
1. Computer Control The flat knitting machine of the intarsia can be a computerized flat flower flat knitting machine or a general computer jacquard flat knitting machine. Generally, the computer-controlled flat knitting machine has the function of single needle selection. For example, the principle of controlling the displacement of the yarn guide can efficiently weave a variety of graphic intarsia fabrics.
2. Weaving principle of intarsia on general computerized flat knitting machines Since each course is woven by a set of yarn guides corresponding to the color blocks, intarsia requires special equipment. On a conventional V-shaped intarsia plane, a complex yarn guide positioning system is required, which will be moved to a new position after each weaving of several courses, which requires stopping at the edge of the color block that changes according to the pattern. Rearrange the yarn guide.
3. The new computerized flat knitting machine is controlled by computer signals to control the yarn feeder. It can drive or drop each yarn guide anywhere in the weaving width. It does not need special positioning blocks to weave the intarsia products, but in order to weave more effectively. For more complex intarsia, most computerized flat knitting machines also need to be equipped with a special intarsia yarn guide, which not only can accurately put the yarn on the selected knitting needle, but also the yarn guide can be controlled. Swing to the left and right to exit the work.
4. When weaving weaving, when a certain yarn guide is finished at a certain color zone, in order not to raise the needle of the next color zone and hook the yarn of the yarn guide, this can be made. The yarn guide swings an angle as required by the program.

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