Introduction of non-woven single machine needle machine

Update:26 Jan 2019

 medium speed needle machine and high speed needle mach […]

 medium speed needle machine and high speed needle machine:
At present, there are many applications of high-temperature filtration products in needlepunching machines on the market. The high-performance fibers of high-temperature filtration products mainly include glass fiber, Nomex fiber, P84 fiber, PPS fiber, and PETT fiber. Due to the characteristics of the first few fibers, the scope of use has been affected. The glass fiber is relatively brittle, the Nomex fiber is poor in oxidation resistance, the P84 fiber is easily hydrolyzed and aged, and the PPS fiber is used at a lower temperature. PETT fiber is resistant to chemical corrosion and high temperature, can be used in a variety of harsh environments and achieve better results, and has a longer service life than filter materials made of other fibers.
Although PETT has good temperature and chemical resistance, it is expensive and has no advantage in filtration efficiency compared to other fibers. To this end, some companies add an appropriate amount of ultra-fine glass fiber, which does not affect the temperature resistance performance, but also improves the filtration efficiency of the filter material and reduces the price of the material, and also expands the scope of application and prolongs the service life.

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