What are the advantages of glove machines?

Update:17 Apr 2018

Compared with the traditional manual operation, the adv […]

Compared with the traditional manual operation, the advantage of the present glove machine is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Woven Density Controller: It is driven by an improved stepper motor that can adjust the density of various parts of the glove, making the glove more conforming to the hand shape and more comfortable.

2. The manual centralized lubrication system only needs to pull the oil pump, the system will automatically fill the oil to the desired location, easy maintenance and increase productivity.

3. It is a fully automatic glove machine based on the principle of grounding weaving.

4. Saves the process of finger sewing and finger knitting. As long as you touch the button, you can change the amount of big beaks and rubber feeds in the knit gloves.

5 operation panel: control the keyboard is easy to operate. The display shows the current machine weave status. Touch the numeric keys to easily enter various data.

6. The application of computers makes the knitting of various parts of the gloves fast and good.


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