What aspects of the use of automatic textile flat knitting machine

Update:03 May 2018

Use in woven garments: The computerized flat knitting m […]

Use in woven garments:
The computerized flat knitting machine can better meet the requirements of the products and has a large scope of use. The weaving on the shaped clothes more effectively helps to realize the effective performance of the engineering design, and more flexible and diverse transformation features are added, so that the computerized flat knitting machine has even more designs. The clever idea.

Use in the weaving of everyday household items:
The computerized flat knitting machine can also be used on home textiles. It has its own unique personality for the beautiful appearance design. It is more simple and quick to realize the unique design of the appearance of the image and helps the household items to add more charm.

The use of computer flat knitting machines in industrial textiles:
The computerized flat knitting machine uses highly intelligent programmable technology to effectively realize the weaving of formed products. It has a wide range of applicability in knitted fabrics and also highlights the great advantages in the professional textile field. Computerized flat knitting machines are effective and convenient for enterprises to realize industrial production skills. They also have a deeper meaning in the new technological innovation concepts that are gradually developing. Computer flat knitting machines play an important role in promoting the market development of the knitting industry.

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