What is the network effect organization of the computerized flat knitting machine?

Update:28 Apr 2018

During the weaving process of the fabric, some of the c […]

During the weaving process of the fabric, some of the coils are removed, stretched, removed, etc. After the next row has been knitted, the effect of holes appears in the part where the coil was originally formed. The sense of transparency is a concept that incorporates the aesthetics of the designer. The design of the transparent sensation organization is eclectic, different effects of different styles of organization and organization, or the interweaving of yarns of different thicknesses and different textures can all make the fabric surface have a thick and thin transparent effect and a wide design space.

There are many ways to form a mesh, such as transfer holes, can be designed at will, with characteristics of light, beautiful, generous and so on. The mesh fabric formed by the needle extraction has a particularly exaggerated artistic effect and can be used in conjunction with transfer rings. In addition, there are a variety of expressions, such as knock-out meshes and pineapple meshes.


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