DW-483S is the machine with single carriage, triple cam systems and comb device. This series is equipped with advanced comb device (including scissors and clips). Adopting the principle of activity release, the comb device enables the compose needle to pick up and release yarns effectively. The clips and scissors work with comb, fully playing their proper roles, which effectively reduce the waste of yarns and improve production efficiency.

Carriage with three systems can run with three yarn feeders to knit at the same time, or can transfer needles and knit two lines at the same time. It will win higher efficiency if knit ting three-color jacquard or the pattern with triple cycle.

DW-483S Details


Gauge 3.5.7G 5G 6G 7G 8G 9G 10G 12G 14G 16G
Knitting width 48inches
Roller High position roller
System Single carriage width three system


Assembly drawing and parameters



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