DW-80(1+1)LE- Hat Scarf Knitting Machine

DW-80(1+1)LE - Hat Scarf Knitting Machine is the machine with two carriages ,with (1+1) system and 80inches length, It is simple but has all functions of computerized knitting machine (except for hookup yarn). Its advanced needle-transfer technology controlled by step motor enables this type to have outstanding performance on needle narrowing, flowers twisting and holes picking (like lace).

80-inche length and two carriages can improve the knitting efficiency. Two small carriages run independently, can knit more smooth, higher quality sweaters than ordinary machine. Cheap and easy to maintain, it is the ideal choice for users to substitute hand-drive flat knitting machine, all of these features made this Hat Scarf Knitting Machine also be the collar knitting machine .

DW-80(1+1)LE- Hat Scarf Knitting Machine Details


Gauge 7G 8G 9G 10G 12G
Knitting width 80inches
Roller High position roller
System Double carriage width two system


Assembly drawing and parameters



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