GK-522F GK-602F

GK-522F is equiped the following new features: stitch variation , motorized transfer cam and high speed reversing arrangement devices.

Stitch variation commonly applies to high difficulty level knitting fabrics. It can achieve various stitch density controlled in the same row, so as to achieve a variety of stitch density values in the knitting fabrics and enrich the fabric types.

Motorized transfer cam is controlled by step motor, it can improve the accuracy of needle-transfer. And enables the machine faster and more stable when it’ s knitting features like needle narrowing, flowers twisting and holes picking .

High speed reversing arrangement is suitable for loop gage knit and double racking system machines. It can speed up the carriage running speed, shorten the carriage rotation itinerary, omit the waiting time of the racking, finally it can effectively enhance the knitting speed, improve the working efficiency.

GK-522F GK-602F Details


Gauge 3.5.7G 5G 6G 7G 8G 9G 10G 12G 14G 16G
Knitting width 52inches
Roller High position roller
System Single carriage width double system


Assembly drawing and parameters



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