DAWEI set up the glove machines workshop in March, 2007. We were separated from the JINTENG glove knitting machine factory, glove machine' s stocks, spare-parts, processing equipments and workers, which continues previous 10 years' produce technology and experience. During the period of producing more complicated computerized flat knitting machines, we have already improved the ability of designing and making the machinery. The preciser processing technic of spare parts and stricter flow of assembly we have, the better performance and quality of DAWEI glove machines are. We will continually innovate, strictly manage, try hard to improve the cost efficiency and the brand awareness of DAWEI glove machines, fight for regaining the glory we made when we were a part of JINTENG in the early years.





Weaving Function:

DW series glove knitting machines regards sinker knitting as principle, controlled by computer, gloves are one-step molded and overlocked by x-yarn device or overlooking machine.Various material can be used including regenerated cotton yam, wool, cashmere, stretch yarn and so on. Different kinds of gloves like whole-finger type, half-finger type, ingot-fmger type can be made. They can be working gloves, preventing cold elasticity fashion gloves, terry gloves , coating inside gloves and so on.



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