We have finished the seriation of computerized flat knitting machine, after 10 years’ research and development. We have the needle type from 3.5G to 16G, knitting width from 48 inch to 100 inch, and have system include single system, two system, three system, (1+1) system, (2+2) system. Machine with single head and single system is the basic product which substitutes hand--operated knitting machine. The machine that compatible with the Japanese brand in operation system and pattern design system, is the best choice to make boutique sweater. Customers from different countries and regions who have different requirement can find machine they want in our factory.




Weaving function:

Make a yam circle,only hookup yarn (except for E series machine), float yarn, exchange needles (system supports three kinds of transfer, needles front exchange to rear, needle rear exchange to front, or needles exchange to each other.), transfer needles ( move needle bed when exchange needle ),ect.




Applicable organization:

Twist flowers, pick holes( like 丨ace), inapparent narrowing needle,apparent decreasing needle, single face with or without dotted line jacquard, double face jacquard, concavo-convex designs and so on.


Yarn and products:

Silk, spun silk, synthetic fiber yam, wool, acrylic, blended yarn and other raw materials, knitting for shaping fabric, accessories of collar, cardigan, rib, cuff, scarf, pocketand trousers.

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